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ANA Cyber Forensic Pvt. Ltd. is one of the trusted cybersecurity firms in India. We secure our valued client's confidential information using a holistic approach. We offer a range of solutions by working on various risk management and risk assessment factors. We are proud to be one of the few companies in India who have combined techno-legal services provided in the cybersecurity domain.

We understand the nature of the business and the importance of developing a security conscience culture within an organization. ANA Cyber Forensic addresses the challenges of data breach and incident response with our dedicated and skilled cyber forensic team. We evaluate existing IT Infrastructure and develop defensive strategies as per best practices which are customized to suit our clients’ needs.

ANA Cyber Forensic has a strong legal team that backs the forensic team by providing consultancy on various information technology based statutes like, Information Technology Act, 2000 (Amended 2008). The company offers legal advisory that covers every aspect of information technology law including cyber- crime, intellectual property infringements, e-commerce, drafting contracts, domain name dispute resolutions, cyber-squatting, compliance issues, online dispute resolution and legal research.

We help our clients to not only protect their IT infrastructure and data against cyber- attacks but also to run their IT security initiatives through our cyber security solution offerings. We help them to strategize and build a more secure environment. We help our clients in addressing their IT security needs right from the VAPT to complex security challenges that they face. We have served more than 300 clients across multiple industries including government agencies and educational institutions.

  • Our Core Values
  • Vision
  • Mission
Our Core Values | Cyber Security Experts In India | Pune | Mumbai | Bangalore

Our Core Values

Efficiency and integrity. We provide top-of-the-line customer service. Trust and integrity are an integral part of who we are.

  • Our team integrates data protection and compliance programs with enterprise architecture, IT operations, and related technologies.
  • Cost-effective technology to get the job done.
  • Expert consulting services to support your IT teams.
  • Confidentiality is the umbrella under which our team operates.
Our Vision | Cyber Security Consulting Services In India | Pune | Mumbai | Bangalore

Our Vision

In a world that is becoming increasingly dependent on information technology, ANA Cyber Forensic seeks to provide an umbrella of protection that will instil confidence in every individual who is a part of this virtual world.

For the team at ANA Cyber Forensic, cybersecurity is not primarily a business but is driven by our deep desire to ensure that the privacy of every user of the world wide web is safeguarded and that they are free from the invasive activities of those who are determined to compromise this security.

Our Mission | Cyber Security Consultancy In India | Pune | Mumbai | Bangalore

Our Mission

From metropolitan cities to the tiniest hamlet located in the remote grassy slopes of the Himalayas, the web world has encompassed everyone. Today it is difficult to visualise any part of our country, or for that matter anywhere in the globe, where people live without mobile devices and internet connectivity. With cyber connectivity has come cyber insecurity. While embracing information technology as an inevitable part of life, the world of business and industry has been shaken up rudely and repeatedly by cyber fraud of varying dimensions.

It's the mission of ANA Cyber Forensic to deliver top quality advise, service and protection to our clients so that they keep their entrepreneurial spirit alive.


Our management team comprises of experts who know how to make sure every task is completed to the entire satisfaction of our clients.

  • Kailash Navagi
    Mrs. Kailash Nevagi
    Chairman | Founding Director | L.L.B | MBA Finance
  • Mr Agarwal
    Mr. S. K. Agarwal
    Director | Chartered Accountant
  • Jignesh Raval
    Mr. Jignesh Raval
    Director | B.E.
  • Miss. Gauri Nevagi
    Miss. Gauri Nevagi
    Director | B.B.A.L.L.B


  • Prakash Paranjape
    Mr. Prakash Paranjape
    Technical Advisor
  • Kedar umbhojkar
    Mr. Kedar Kumbhojkar
    CA | DISA | Advisor


  • Chirayu Mahajan
    Mr. Chirayu Mahajan
    Digital Forensic & Infosec Expert
  • Nilesh Wagh
    Mr. Nilesh Wagh
    Compliance & Infosec Expert | ISO 27001:2022 LA
  • Sachin Petkar
    Mr. Sachin Petkar
    Compliance Expert | Banking & NBFC
  • Abhijit Tripathy
    Mr. Abhijit Tripathy
    Compliance & Infosec Expert | CISSP & CCISO

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