Web Application Penetration Testing


Application Security Testing provides assurance that your web applications, mobile applications and APIs are secure.

Organizations often lack the internal resources and expertise to keep up with an ever-changing security landscape, let alone test and assess their networks, applications and overall security programs. They need help elevating their security profile, reducing risk and achieving compliance with applicable laws and industry mandates.

Web Application and Mobile Application Security Assessments provide assurance that your web applications, Mobile Applications and APIs are secure and protect the value of and trust in your brand by leveraging our knowledge of threat actors.

The primary objective behind a Web Application Penetration Testing (WAPT) is to identify exploitable web application vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and technical flaws in applications before attackers can discover and exploit them. Web application penetration testing reveals real-world opportunities attackers could use to compromise applications to gain access to sensitive data.

You may already have security systems in place to protect your infrastructure, but applications should be included as part of your overall vulnerability risk management strategy. Applications are most often the attack vectors which can compromise IT ecosystems.

Securing your applications starts long before they get into production

As the number and severity of digital data and privacy threats grow, security testing services have become a critical component of the software development lifecycle. This presents a number of significant challenges for digital delivery teams:

  • High-priority vulnerabilities that create the potential for cost-sensitive legal issues
  • Proper setup of security testing environments and labs
  • The need to test hidden parts of applications
  • Standard software release models that are not designed for security testing
  • Automating security testing services to minimize impact on cycle time
  • Finding the right resources and skills to cover a broad digital footprint
  • Understanding the technical and economic impacts involved with security threats
Customer Benefits
  • Gain assurance that your mobile applications, web applications and APIs are secure.
  • Receive actionable recommendations to enhance security.
  • Reduce your risk and improve operational efficiency.
  • Maintain customer, employee and business partner confidence.
  • Meet compliance.

Why ANA Cyber?

We offer testing and assessments that address logical, physical, and technical and nontechnical threats to your environment. We can help you identify the gaps that expose you to risk and help you construct a stronger security posture.

Our web application penetration testing methodology is as follows:
  • Reconnaissance – Searching the Internet for the customer’s public-facing presence and information using OSINT.
  • Network Surveying and Services Identification – Sketching a picture of what the customer’s perimeter looks like to the outside world.
  • Manual Environmental Testing – Analysing gathered data to build and execute an attack plan.
  • Password Cracking – Attempting to crack any password hashes or brute force of any authenticated mechanisms
  • Manual Application Testing - OWASP Testing Methodology including Access Control / Authorization, Authentication, Session Management, Configuration Management / Web Application Architecture Review, Error Handling, Data Protection, Input Validation
  • Root Cause Analysis and Reporting – Identifying the root causes of the issues to be classified and compiled into a final deliverable
Differentiating Factors about ANA:
  • Compliant Pvt. Ltd. Company
  • Presence of Techno-Legal experts
  • ISO 27001:2022 certified company
  • Extensive and proven experience in the field of Information Security
  • Impressive track record in Quality Service delivery with niche client portfolio
  • Ethical and trustworthy execution of projects
  • Complete confidentiality by signing an NDA with employees who are working on project/Assignment
  • PMP, CISSP, CISA, ISO 27001:2022 LA, CEH, CHFI, ECSA, CNSS, US-cert OPSEC Certified professionals
  • Customize Information Security Services as per client need
  • Support to the organization’s IT Team

Services Offered

  • Web-App Infrastructure Review
  • Mobile App Security Testing

Web-App Infrastructure Review

The rise in corporate internet activity has been accompanied by rise in attacks against data and data container computer systems. ‘Zero-day’ exploits and advanced persistent threats can lead to exfiltration of data over extended periods and attackers may go unnoticed.

Periodic vulnerability assessment and penetration testing is a very effective security measure which provides you the technical solution to overcome these issues. Vulnerability assessment is the process of identifying, quantifying and prioritizing the vulnerabilities in the computer system. And penetration testing is the simulation of an attack on computer system which looks for security weaknesses and privilege escalations.

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Our risk based approach makes this service very effective and cost beneficial for our clients. Our comprehensive report will include technical analysis with findings, risk identification and solid recommendations on fixes.

We will perform vulnerability assessment and penetration testing for web applications, networks and various network components and hosts including servers and end machines. Depending on the business requirements and security needs, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing can be one-time activity or periodic activity.

  • Empowering businesses to better shield their systems and data from attacks.
  • Very comprehensive and effective evaluation of security of systems.
  • More detailed view of the threats facing the systems.
  • Comprehensive reporting with solid recommendations.
  • Concrete action plan based on the report to ensure security of existing and new technologies.
  • Management gets clear visual of security improvements.
  • Reduce cost of security breaches.
  • Proactive and risk based approach towards future threats.

Mobile App Security Testing

Due to the tremendous advantages of mobile applications and very widespread use of these handheld devices, more critical and confidential organizational and customer personal data has become available on the devices. This has created a full range of new attacks that were not relevant in the classic web application world. Smartphone users install various applications for online transactions, playing games, online shopping and so on. This increases the attack space.

Our mobile application security testing helps to effectively manage the security risk imposed by the mobile applications. Our mobile application security testing will protect applications against attacks and verify the compliance and protection of customer’s personal data.

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Benefit to Clients:
  • We provide end to end protection to mobile applications.
  • Testing methodology comprising of OWASP Mobile Top 10 vulnerabilities and common weaknesses in mobile application environment.
  • Application permissions, data stored on local storage, application function execution will be monitored and security best practices can be implemented on it.
  • Impact of installing and removing the application from the device and its examination.
  • Protection against the latest mobile risks.

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