IS Audit for Banking Sector


An information system audit is conducted to evaluate the information systems and suggest measures to improve their value to the business. The audit can be used as an effective tool for evaluation of the information system and controlling computer abuse.

A periodic information system Audit is essential to monitor a Company/firm’s system of internal control and procedures. A proper information system Audit process helps Banks in the effective discharge of their responsibilities. It provides assurance of the risk and operational performance of the bank.

The IS Audit covers the following Steps:

  • Measuring vulnerability of information system.
  • Identification of sources of threat.
  • Identification of high risk points.
  • The last step in the process is to conduct the audit of high potential points keeping in mind the activities of the people who could abuse the information system for the applications that are highly vulnerable.

The information system audit may encompass almost all the resources of IT infrastructure. Thus, it will involve evaluation of hard­ware, application of software, data resources and the people. However, one of the most important resources that attract the attention of an information system auditor is the application software.

The application software audit is carried out with the objective of establishing whether or not:

  • The procedure and methods established for developing an application were actually followed;
  • Adequate controls were built in to the application software; and
  • Adequate controls were provided in the process of maintenance of software.

The objectives of a detailed review of the application shall be influenced by the method of procurement of the software. It is so because the vulnerability of application software for custom-made software is different from that of ready-made software.

Conducting an IS Audit has the benefits of educating the business community on how their work adds value to an organization. It covers a wide range of IT processing and communication infrastructure and provides a clear perspective on their role in an organization.

The following are the key benefit of conducting IS audit of a Bank:
  • Reduction of IT Risk, as they are assessed through the entire cycle and best practices are suggested as per the ISO/IEC 27001 Information security Management frameworks.
  • Improving IT governance by reducing risks, improving security, complying with regulations and facilitating communication between technology and business management
  • Strengthening business efficiency and system and process controls.
    • Planning for contingencies and disaster recovery.
    • Improved Management of the information & developing systems of the business.

Why ANA Cyber?

We at ANA cyber are cyber security strategy, management and compliance partners for banks and credit societies of all sizes. We understand the strict guidelines imposed by RBI and IT Act 2000 on the financial industry and provide a complete suite of cyber security Compliance and Audit services that help keep your organization up to date with the latest regulatory requirements.

At ANA Cyber Information system audit is carried out by professionals who are not only well versed with the complex information system issues but also know how to relate them to the business.

Differentiating Factors:
  • Compliant Pvt. Ltd. Company
  • Presence of Techno-Legal experts
  • ISO 27001:2013 certified company
  • Extensive and proven experience in the field of Information Security
  • Impressive track record in Quality Service delivery with niche client portfolio
  • Ethical and trustworthy execution of projects
  • Complete confidentiality is maintained by signing an NDA with employees who are working on project/Assignment
  • PMP, CISA, CEH, ECSA, CNSS, ISO27001 LA, US-cert OPSEC Certified professionals
  • Customize Information Security Services as per client need
  • Our extensive support to the organization’s IT Team sets us apart from the rest.

Services Offered

  • Data Centre Audit
  • Network Security Architecture Review
  • Phishing Attack Simulation

Data Centre Audit

Client Interface | Server Interface | Data Storage | Communication

Companies and their IT necessities advance and so do their IT infrastructure and data centres. ANA Cyber provides you with the best technical auditors having vast experience in data centre auditing. We have the expertise to audit the server’s network peripherals, power infrastructure, security deployed, etc.

Information Security Audit Service
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We also help to identify the physical security issues in the data centre environment while making it difficult for malicious users with less technical acumen to access sensitive data. People not only being the security threat, disaster recovery is also included under the skyline of physical security.

Benefit to Client:

Datacentre audits will not only help you secure your valuable and critical data but also upsurge the availability of your data centre infrastructure. This will ensure continuous improving efficiency and manageability and minimize risk of business interruption.

Data centre audits help to adapt with the business and continue to give competitive advantage at the same time minimizing risk of failure.

Network Security Architecture Review

Since most security networks used by corporate, business and government have been implemented during an era when security was not a strong priority, they have become vulnerable in this age of the dark net. To rectify this situation it is important to redesign these networks keeping in mind the variety of threats posed by cyber attacks and the compliances that are required to be in place.

Network security architecture which ensures solid and exhaustive defence of the organization’s network, will mitigate these rists.

Information Security Audit
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  • Ensures secure network architecture.
  • More reliable and efficient network.
  • Helps to reduce resources and time spent on remediation by assessing risks and remediating gaps found in implementation and technologies.
  • Solid and exhaustive defence confidence.
  • Secure layered security in Network.
  • Alignment of network with industry recognized best practices.
  • Reduce unexpected costs due to security incidents.
  • Reduce compliance exposures

Phishing Attack Simulation

This exercise is undertaking due to the realisation that a single mistake made by a single employee, such as clinking a link, can cause untold damage to a compmany.

  • Phishing is popular with cyber criminals because it enables them to steal financial and personal information by exploiting human behaviour.
  • Phishing simulation guards your business against social engineering threats by training your employees to identify and report them.
  • Typically a part of user security awareness, phishing simulation training is one of the cyber security measures being used to help stop attempted phishing incidents.
  • Phishing simulation helps employees recognize, avoid, and report potential threats that can compromise critical business data and systems, including phishing, malware, ransomware, and spyware.
  • As part of the training, phishing simulations and other mock attacks are typically used to test and reinforce good employee behaviour.
  • Advanced solutions provide highly-variable attack simulations for multiple vectors, including voice, text messages and physical media.


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