Network Security Audit

Network Security Audit is a process by which the current level of network performance of an organization’s network security can be evaluated and it helps in analysis of security incidents as well. A network security audit is part of an overall information systems audit framework and includes application software audit, operation system audit, and business audit.

ANA Cyber Forensic Network Security Audit service covers all aspects of the IT infrastructure and determines gaps on industry standards. The audit exercise also determines the reasons for the gaps, and provides recommendations to bridge these gaps.

  • Vulnerability scanning is a lengthy task best performed in parallel and supported by automated data analysis.
  • Securing a network is like trying to hit a moving target, due to an ever-increasing proliferation of networked hosts, services enabled by default install and lists of vulnerabilities to address.
  • Failures of common sense are still among the primary threats to network security.
  • Securing a network is difficult, due to an ever-increasing proliferation of networked hosts and default-install services, and an ever-increasing queue of vulnerabilities to search for and repair.
  • Identifying vulnerabilities along with corresponding counter-measures.
  • Difficult to identify which areas pose the maximum risk.


Our network security audit service helps you to determine the effectiveness of your network security to resolving underlying network security issues. Our network Security Audit is based on industry-accepted standards and legal requirements specific to the industry and country. ANA Cyber Forensic auditing approach is designed to cover all aspects of security including People, Processes, and Technology. Our professionals are equipped with all the relevant security certifications such as CISSP, CISA, ISO 27001:2022 LA. Our expert team performs detailed design and effectiveness of firm's security patching solution.

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