System Hardening

System hardening means securing and configuring a system in such a way that it reduces its surface of vulnerability to a great extent. This is done largely by removing unnecessary software, hardening default credentials, disabling unnecessary services, and modifying other configuration parameters from default values so that the system works securely for a focused set of services. System hardening is basically making the network connected devices or computer or Operating System by configuring the system to eliminate all the possible risk an organization might face by the default configurations or the misconfigurations done on a system. System Hardening eliminates all the possible security loopholes a particular system and a network might be exposed to.

  • It is difficult to find vulnerable services, software and Open ports.
  • Great visibility of risk related to your technical devices.
  • Confidence on the security of your business information and devices.
  • Most of data breaches happen due security misconfiguration.
  • All security vulnerabilities result due to security misconfiguration.
  • To ensure that your operating system software, firmware, and applications are updated to stay ahead of exploits that attack flaws in the underlying code.


ANA Cyber Forensic Pvt Ltd system hardening service focuses on review of your inventory of the network connected systems to understand what you have and how it is at risk before you can completely implement any hardening procedures. This includes reviewing current deployment and operational processes and understanding the threats and vulnerabilities to the various deployed systems and addressing any discovered security gaps. Our expert team focuses on configuration settings to remove unnecessary services, applying firewall rules, enforcing password complexity, setting failed login thresholds, and system idle time outs. Our System hardening service can also include installing an anti-virus program, up-to-date software, centralized log management solution, and applying vendor released system patches. Our expert team uses the hardening checklists which are based on the comprehensive checklists produced by The Center for Internet Security (CIS). Our system hardening service will ensure that system will be protected against security misconfigurations which can lead to any breach.

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